LOTUS (Ladies Opposed to Unsafe Sex)

LOTUS  (Ladies Opposed to Unsafe Sex)

FAMU Ladies Opposed to Unsafe Sex (LOTUS)  is a peer educational group started by FAMU Student Health Services & HerCampus FAMU. The group was created to bring awareness to the women on our campus in addition to advocating for safe sex or abstinence.

Our current programs that will be launched are:

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Ladies of the Night Street Team I Wish I Knew Lock & Key: A Celibacy and Abstinence Support Group Life Class: Dating & Mating Series


ladies of the night logo Ladies of the Night

The Ladies Of The Night Street Team (#LOTN) is a student safety and prevention squad sponsored by Rattler Wellness, FAMU LOTUS (Ladies Opposed to Unsafe Sex), and SPEAK! (Sexual & Domestic Violence Prevention Group). This squad will venture to popular parties in Tallahassee operating as a trusted presence known for safety & prevention. The Ladies of the Night will be present at the chosen venue and will be handing out condoms as well as walking (in pairs) and giving females escorts to their vehicles. Ladies of the Night hopes to collaborate with Leon County Department of Health and FAMU Police Department in addition to eventually incorporating shuttle services.

Volunteer Information

The Ladies Of The Night Training consists of a 13 hour course which will be split over two days. In order to participate the Ladies Of The Night training must be fully completed, no exceptions. To receive clearance to participate and a certificate of completion, participants must be active and present for both full days of the training. Volunteer hours will be awarded to those who choose to participate and complete both the training, and the activities throughout the semester. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please email us.

The student training is to consist of the following components from our community partners:

  • Alcohol and drug prevention and a review of local laws and regulations regarding alcoholic beverages
  • Rape Aggression Defense program
  • Information on safer sex practices and condom use
  • Information on HIV testing, STDs and STIs, and condom negotiation
  • How to work in partnership with local law enforcement



wish i knew logo I Wish I Knew

I Wish I Knew is a series of videos sponsored by FAMU LOTUS & HerCampus FAMU. The videos will have a variety of topics such as: safe sex, balance of activities, importance of maintaining GPA, self-image/self-awareness, reputation, relationships, appropriate attire (class, business casual, interviews, etc.), circle of friends, and many more. The purpose of the series is to educate the incoming freshman on topics that are usually ignored or not mentioned during conversations of what to expect when entering college.




lock and key logo Lock & Key

Lock & Key is an initiative dedicated to serving currently abstinent or celibate individuals, as well as those who may be interested in pursing celibacy in the future. This group focuses on providing peer guidiance and comfort while exploring various topics such as self-respect, personal boundaries, and overall awareness. Our goal is to provide a safe environment that encourages members to come together and discuss the challenges and benefits of this lifestyle, while empowering and uplifting one another.


dating and mating logoDating & Mating

The Dating & Mating Series is a continuance of an event originally held in the Spring Semester of 2012. Life Class: Dating & Mating was a one night class held to provide individuals the opportunity to discuss their experiences with dating and sexual intimacy along with providing a non-judgmental environment for the exchange of advice between peers. One night was not enough, and our participants wanted more. Due to popular demand, the topics of that Life Class session were expanded and the Dating & Mating Series was innovated. We will have meetings, discussions, demonstrations, sharing of experiences, encouragement, as well as advice.

LOTUS Leaders

LOTUS Co-Chair
Kiana Clark
Coretta Cob

Bria Bouie
Kay Nixon

Dating & Mating
Nnenna Cox

Lock & Key
Shinnea Ayers

Ladies of the Night
Charissa Reynolds

Things I Wish I Knew
Raven Moore


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