SPEAK! is a peer educational group created under FAMU Student Health Services with the goal of bringing awareness to our campus and community about sexual and domestic violence.  SPEAK is an acronym that stands for: Speak Out, Prevent, Educate, Advocate & Know.  Our programs that we are currently presenting to the campus are Ladies of the Night Street Team, Sister, Sister Dorm Discussion, Self-Defense classes, Awareness Workshops, and Informative Resources regarding awareness, prevention and how to get help if ever encountered with these dangers.

Although events that entertain are also apart of SPEAK!’s plans for our campus, informative resources are extremely vital.  As a bi-monthly event, SPEAK! will be presenting Awareness Workshops with guest speakers ranging from Lawyers, Victim Advocates, Survivors, and more.  In these Workshops, we wish to inform students, faculty and staff of the dangers, ways of prevention and aftermath of Sexual and Domestic Violence. Students and Staff alike will sit in luncheon form and have the opportunity to listen to professionals and survivors in the field and further discuss these issues that have been kept quiet for so long.

Our current SPEAK programs are:

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The Phoenix Ladies of the Night Sister, Sister Self Defense


The Phoenix logoThe Phoenix

The Phoenix Fellowship peer group was created as a safe haven for survivors of sexual violence on the campus of Florida A&M University.  Survivors remain anonymous to the outside world, but are welcomed into a group where personal thoughts, fears and dreams are shared in a supportive environment. Phoenix members are welcomed to take part in advocacy work done with SPEAK!, but are welcome to take their time on their road to well being, mentally, physically and spiritually. Phoenix meets at least once a month and members are encouraged to say what they are thinking and feeling at all times.

If you would like to join the Phoenix Fellowship peer group, please contact us online.



ladies of the night logoLadies of the Night

The Ladies of the Night Street Team (#LOTN) is a student safety and prevention squad sponsored by Rattler Wellness, FAMU LOTUS (Ladies Opposed to Unsafe Sex), and SPEAK! This squad will venture to popular clubs and parties in Tallahassee operating as a trusted presence known for safety & prevention. The Ladies of the Night will be present at the chosen venue and will be handing out condoms as well as walking (in pairs) and giving females escorts to their vehicles. Ladies of the Night hopes to collaborate with Leon County Department of Health and FAMU Police Department in addition to eventually incorporating shuttle services.




Sister Sister program logoSister, Sister

The Sister, Sister Dorm Discussions will occur monthly in various female dorms on campus and are arranged to be a safe haven of thoughts and opinions for young female residents.  The discussions will have a set topic that includes a variety of discussion questions and activities in conjunction with that specific topic for the month.  As Freshmen and Sophomores exploring a new place, they tend to  deal with new adventures and explorations (good and bad) and having a safe place to vent and ask questions, may be the difference between them making positive or negative decisions in their future here at the university and in life.








woman practicing self defenseSelf Defense Classes

Self-Defense classes are a fun way for students to learn how to protect themselves from dangerous situations by a trained professional.  Students will be able to involve themselves in a free class where they can receive active attention from the instructor and learn techniques that may say their lives and protect them from attackers.




SPEAK! Leadership Team

Peer Group Chair
vacate (if you are interested in being the chair contact Dr. Wilson

Peer Group Co-Chair


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  • Self-Defense Classes :
  • Awareness Workshop / Luncheon :
  • Collaborative Events with LOTUS / LOTN :  S
  • Service Initiatives :
  • Street Team / Campus Outreach :

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