Wellness Ambassadors

Wellness Ambassadors

Within the group of Wellness Warriors there is a small partition of students who will serve as liaisons for this new wellness initiative by promoting this cause to the student body. The “Wellness Ambassadors” are a group of hand selected Rattlers that exhibit wellness in multiple areas of their lives and are influential voices on campus. These “Ambassadors” will illustrate their excellence through the administration, promotion, marketing, and execution of the Rattler Wellness initiative through appearances at on campus events and through our broadcast media productions. To aid the “Wellness Ambassador” in effective brand marketing, participants will receive complimentary training sessions with a public relations and marketing professional. The “Ambassadors” will act as commissioners in spearheading any larger scale campus initiatives.

“Wellness Ambassadors” will receive customized gear to wear to events courtesy of Student Health Services. The “Ambassadors” will have their names and bios featured in an exclusive area on the Rattler Wellness site where their future potential employers will be able to refer to this platform to see the manifestations of their dedication and hard work in a portfolio format. After completing the “Wellness Ambassador” stint, individuals have the option to earn the lifetime credential of officially being on the highly acclaimed Wellness Advisory Council by hand selecting their elite replacement member and by serving as a local or distant mentor to the individual for the following school year. This individual will also appoint an additional person to serve as a cabinet member for Rattler Wellness in the following academic year. As Rattler Wellness continues to grow, we would like student participation in the voting of certain larger scale activities and initiatives that we plan to host and this will be the role of our student cabinet.

 Our Wellness Ambassadors

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