Wellness Warriors

Wellness Warriors

Rattler Wellness is a collaborative effort from Student Health Services and Campus Recreation. This initiative encompasses a mind, body, and spirit approach to overall health and wellness of minorities. The official kick‐off of Rattler Wellness was on March 19th, 2012. Currently, Rattler Wellness has three peer education groups: SPEAK, LOTUS, and Wellness Warriors.

Wellness Warriors are a group of students that are on a mission to educate and implement wellness based initiatives and alternative therapies on FAMU’s campus through peer education and brand marketing. Participants in this group will have the option to become Certified Wellness Coaches or to serve as a Wellness Ambassador.


Certified Wellness Coach

Individuals in Wellness Warriors have the opportunity to become a Certified Wellness Coach at a discounted rate through volunteering. Potential Coaches will plan and implement the events for Wellness Wednesday’s as well as going to various group exercise classes, programs, and events on campus and in the surrounding community to enlighten individuals on a variety of health and wellness topics.

Individuals in this group will also implement the FAMoves program on campus. Once certified, individuals will hold Wellness Coaching office hours in the Wellness Suite as a service to students.

Wellness Coach Certification Criteria:

  • Participates in weekly or bi‐weekly learning sessions on certification material
  • Must volunteer 25 hours to Wellness Warrior programs to get discounted certification
  • Plans and participates in Wellness Wednesday and FAMoves
  • Educates students on various Wellness Subjects
  • Post‐certification individual will Coach at least 2 hours per week


FAMovesFAMoves is a campus‐wide initiative that we are starting to encompass the student body to become more nutritious conscious, physically active individuals. Rattlers are encouraged to participate in physical activity on campus and earn points for completing workouts, logging their food intake on MyFitnessPal.com, and checking in on FourSquare. There are several exercise and movement based initiatives under this program including but not limited to Exercise Is Medicine on Campus, Rattler Road Runner, Weight Lifting Club, and Group Exercise Classes.


Exercise is Medicine

Exercise is Medicine logoExercise is Medicine is an ACSM initiative that promotes the benefits of physical activity when it comes to preventative care. This division of FAMoves includes the initiation of a referral system between FAMU Student Life Departments (Campus Recreation, Student Health Services, Counseling Services, Housing) as well as referring out to other wellness‐based campus services (Life Coaching, Nutrition Education, Massage, etc).

In addition to these items, certain group exercise classes in the Recreation Center will have EIM designation and will include a brief educational portion from a Certified Wellness Coach, heart rate monitors for participants to use during class, and the opportunity to earn additional points for the FAMoves prize schedule.


Rattler Road Runners

Rattler Road Runners logoRattler Road Runners is comprised of various walking, jogging, and running groups. The groups are based on skill level so there is something for everyone. We have running coaches who meet participants at the Wahnish Way entrance of the Recreation Center and lead them through a progressive training. This group is a great challenge filled with plenty of peer encouragement and support along the way!


Weight Lifting Club

Weight Lifting Club logoCome out and join Dr. Rolle for educational presentations, form corrections, and demonstrations on the anatomy of weight‐lifting! Whether you are a veteran weight‐lifter or a newbie trying to perfect you technique, you will be motivated to the max with this comprehensive approach to weight‐lifting.


Group Exercise Classes

Join us each week to experience energetic and effective workouts in a group setting! Our team of highly skilled Group Exercise Instructors is here to motivate you as you attain your health & fitness goals. Set in either our 3500 sq. ft. Group Exercise Studio or in our 200 sq. ft. SPINNING® Classroom, the group exercise class schedule is sure to give you the variety & intensity that you have been looking for. Come and check it out today!


Wellness Ambassadors

The “Wellness Ambassadors” are a group of hand selected Rattlers that exhibit wellness in multiple areas of their lives and are influential voices on campus. Click here for more information on the Wellness Ambassadors.


“We believe in paying it forward, so that no Rattler is left behind.”


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