Nutrition Education

Nutrition Education logoAt the Tookes Student Recreation Center, we try to round out our client’s experience by educating and motivating them to be more responsible and proactive with their health & wellness. Through structured consultations with the Nutrition Educator and through the use of the Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker, we help participants develop the necessary tools to improve and maintain a healthy dietary intake. logo

Participants in the One-On-One Nutrition Education  Program receive:

  • 3 individualized sessions (30-45 min each) with the Nutrition Educator,
  • Calorie counting and diet tracking through¬†
  • Ongoing support from the Nutrition Educator.
Rattler Wellness Nutrition Educator
Brian Ringpfiel is the Nutrition Educator for Rattler Wellness. Schedule your FREE consultation with him today!

Contact our Nutrition Educator, Brian Ringpfiel, at to set up an appointment!

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