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[toggle title=” Tanya Tatum – Director”] [/toggle]


[toggle title=”Brian Ringpfiel – Nutrition Educator”]I am currently a student enrolled in the Master’s program at FSU for Dietetics. My first degree from FSU was in Nutrition and Fitness, and second degree Dietetics. I am a certified personal trainer and the Nutrition Educator for FAMU at the student rec center. I am also a certified rock wall instructor and belayer for the FAMU rock wall. I truly enjoy the active lifestyle hoping to compete in both a triathlon and bodybuilding show some day. I also like to help people achieve their fitness goals, whether it is a 5k or 5lbs loss, it is very rewarding to see people achieve a previously unknown level of fitness.

What does wellness mean to you?

To me wellness means not only the absence of illness and disease but the ability to pursue your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of life in a way to improve and make life more fulfilling.[/toggle]


[toggle title=”Harriet Jennings – Office Manager ; HIV test Counselor “] [/toggle]


[toggle title=”Chip Heimbach – Campus Recreation, Assistant Director of Programs”] [/toggle]

[toggle title=” Melvena Wilson, DrPh, MPH – Coordinator Health Promotion and Outreach”] [/toggle]

[toggle title=” Randy Hedley – HIV Clinic Coordinator”] [/toggle]



Student Staff

[toggle title=”J’ere Clark – Rattler Wellness Assistant”]J’ere Clark is a 3rd-year Social Work student from Cocoa, Florida. She currently serves as the secretary and writer for HerCampus FAMU, the Rattler Wellness Assistant, Lead Peer Educator, the volunteer coordinator for LOTUS, a member of Ladies Of The Night and SPEAK!, a volunteer with FAMU Women’s Center and a mentor at both Rickards High School and Hartsfield Elementary. J’ere is also a volunteer with Children’s Home Society and a member of FAMU’s chapter of Student Social Work Association.

J’ere’s educational goals are to graduate with a Bachelor’s of Social Work, then continue her journey with obtaining a Master’s of Social Work and a Juris Doctorate with a concentration in Family Law.

What does wellness mean to you?

In my opinion wellness is something that you have to embrace whole heartedly. Wellness is not something that’s a toy, it’s a lifestyle. When one chooses to really learn and focus on improving their lifestyle they have to remember that wellness focuses on spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional well-being. I believe wellness means, achieving and maintaining a level of happiness that no one can ruin or dim the light that shines from inside.[/toggle]


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[toggle title=”Westchester Junior”] [/toggle]


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